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Rabbit rearing


Goat Rearing

Chick Rearing

Strategies adopted

i. Capacity building.

ii. Promoting ‘community models'

iii. Promoting sustainable agriculture

iv. Avail quality seeds and seedlings 
     to farmers.

v. Promote partnership and net 
    working for development.

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Welcome to

The ultimate objective of Aiswryagram is to enable the people, who have come to a relation with Aiwaryagram , to have 'richer' and 'fuller' lives, true to the meaning of the Sanskrit word 'Aiswarya'. Assistance is given to them so that they can learn the tricks of the trade and mobilize the resources required for undertaking income generating activities of their liking. Talks and discussions on topics like dignity of Labour, honesty, fidelity, thrift and saving, cleanliness, punctuality, justice, love, tolerance, co-operation, rights and duties, etc. occupy an important place in the agenda of all the training programmes conducted at Aiswryagram

The inspirations behind the origin of Aiswaryagram is to promote, facilitate and play a pro-active role in empowering and strengthening the primary agriculture and allied sectors to generate rural employment, increase the outputs of agriculture & allied activities for achieving food security and reduce the cost & improve the quality of farming inputs to make farming cost–effective. SAFP, in collaboration with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Alberta Agency for International Development (AAID), raised the resources needed for establishing Aiswryagram and it is actualized on 1988. It is a project of Save A Family Plan and registered under Kerala Society Act. It also serves as a training center of SAFPI(www.safp.org). The founder and the first president of Aiswaryagram is late Msgr. Augustine Kandathil .The present president of the society is Bp Sebastian Adayantrath.