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Rabbit rearing


Goat Rearing

Chick Rearing

Strategies adopted

i. Capacity building.

ii. Promoting ‘community models'

iii. Promoting sustainable agriculture

iv. Avail quality seeds and seedlings 
     to farmers.

v. Promote partnership and net 
    working for development.

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Training Program

Aiswaryagram is the Training and Research Institute of Save a Family Plan (India), which is a registered Charitable Trust (No. 603/90) committed to sustainable development. This centre has facilities spread over nine hectares of land for conducting training programs in Dairying, Rabbit rearing, Goat rearing, Poultry, plant nursery etc. The land has been suitably laid out to accommodate different crops, as well as sheds for cows, goats, rabbits, poultry, sericulture, fishery, etc. The centre has got residential facilities for 40 to 50 trainees at a time. The trainings and other activities of Aiswaryagram aim to the integral development of the society irrespective of cast, creed or political affiliation


Dairying is one of the primeval livelihood means for millions of people in our country.  Aiswaryagram has over 20 years of experience in dairying and have access to the service of experts. Ongoing upgradation in skill and knowledge are fundamental in livestock management to keep the production standards. Keeping this in mind, Aiswaryagram offers trainings and workshops ranging from 1-6 days on sustainable dairy management. The trained and well experienced staff of Aiswaryagram coordinate all these trainings and workshops. The resource persons and experts include the experts from Kerala Agriculture University, Kerala livestock development board, dept. of Animal Husbandry etc and the personals trained from Indo-Swiss Project at Mattupetty and Agriculture University.


As a means of self employment, rabbit rearing is a boon to landless laborers, especially women, of the weaker section of the society The most fascinating features in rabittry are its high meat potential and low capital investment for the cage, utensils etc. A pair of rabbits under normal conditions will multiply 86 rabbits in a year and the average weight with in a period of three months will be 2.5 Kg. The meat of rabbit is cholesterol free and even the heart patients could consume it. Aiswaryagram offers One day training on rabbit feeding, breeding, cage, financial viability etc. Experienced and trained staff and external experts facilitate these trainings.


Piggery is one of the oldest livelihood means in the world. Aiswaryagram has a scientifically managed piggery unit and breeding center The main purpose is to provide quality piglets and extent trainings to small and marginal farmers on scientific pig rearing. Pig farming will provide employment opportunities to seasonally employed rural farmers and supplementary income to improve their living standards. Apart from providing meat, pigs are also a source of spine and compost.Understanding the scope of piggery to help the poorer sections of the society, the piggery training programme is focused on teaching the trainees the art of pig rearing. The trainings offered on piggery ranges from 1-6 days according to the requirement. The experienced and trained personals from Aiswaryagram, experts from Pig Breeding Center of Kerala Livestock Development Board, local Vetenary Surgeons etc facilitate the training sessions on Piggery.

Chick Rearing

Aiswaryagram promotes egg laying free range backyard poultry in rural areas to increase the family income of the poor families. For facilitating the trainings and other promotional activities, a model poultry unit runs in the campus of Aiswaryagram. The activities under this unit are extending trainings to the farmers on scientific poultry. Quality chicks also will be distributed to farmers with subsidized rate in association with Kerala Agriculture University. One day trainings are also given to farmers on sustainable and free range poultry management

Plant Nursery Training

Aiswarya plant nursery functions in the campus of Aiswaryagram with an objective to train the farmers & unemployed housewives on nursery techniques and to avail quality seedlings at nominal rate. The variety of seedlings available in Aiswarya nursery include, cash crops, vegetables, ornamental plants, orchids, Anthurium, fruit bearing trees etc. Aiswaryagram conducts three days to one month trainings to farmers on various topics according to the need. The topics include, various nursery techniques, grafting, budding, maneuvering, production of organic manure, organic pesticides etc. Trained as well as the experienced staff of Aiswaryagram and the external experts constitute the resource team for these trainings and workshops. Aiswaryagram is also working in partnership with various Agriculture Universities, Tropical botanical garden, Kerala Horticulture Development Program, Spices board, (ADD, ADDD etc to avail expert knowledge, new skills and methodologies in farming and disseminate to the farmers